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ecowar's Journal

Ecological Warfare
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This isn't about saving the planet. Earth isn't dying. In fact, she's doing just fine.

She's had it worse before. Islands and continents have come and gone. Global-killer asteroids have darkened the sun for decades. She's seen massive species die-offs, like that which occurred to the dinosaurs. She's had ice ages that have lasted tens of thousands of years, glaciers that have scoured clean entire continents.

Earth merely changes. Life goes on. Long after we humans are gone, she will likely still be here. And over time, evolution will bring about something new. Instead of dinosaurs or mammals, perhaps insects will take over. Millions of years from now, vast armies, the far-off descendants of cockroaches, may be the ones battling across the plains for the glory of their queens. No. This isn't about saving the planet.

This is about preserving the quality of the natural environment.

I don't know about you, but I know the air we breathe is fouled by pollution. The water we consume is tainted. The food we eat is messed up, and comes from a messed-up system. The land we use is worn, depleted, contaminated. Urban sprawl is everywhere and growing. The animals and plants that we share this planet with are in decline. Entire biospheres are under stress and collapsing.

Under rising population pressure, an exploitative economic system of production, and our own personal and collective greed and neglect, the quality of the natural environment as we would desire it to be has become much, much worse in only a few generations.

Some people might say this is part of the natural cycle, I say we are not good-enough stewards of our own house. Even now, countries and groups of people are fighting over water rights, fishing rights, land rights, pollution rights. For them, it all boils down to what they can get out of what's left. That needs to stop, or there will be nothing left worth having.

This community journal is about being more aware of what's going on with our environment. We'll examine politics, science, developing headlines. Being aware is in itself a struggle. Sometimes, it's fighting just to get the information out there. Sometimes it's just trying to get people to want to listen. And that's just the beginning. Getting something done is often impossible.

The use of the word "war" is also partly to express rage and anger at what seems to be the inevitable decay of life as we know it. It must be accepted that this is a losing battle - not just with those who would destroy or pollute, but often with our very selves. Because whether it is fuel for a car or electricity for a computer or food from a can that we consume, every one of us is also peeing in the kiddie pool called Earth.