Táimse im' Chodladh (cill_ros) wrote in ecowar,
Táimse im' Chodladh

Hi everyone.

Today is the 11th anniversary of the hanging of Ken Saro Wiwa by the Nigerian government for protesting against the exploitation of the Ogoni people by Shell Oil. Eight other people were also executed.

At the moment, the people of Rossport, Co. Mayo in Ireland are fighting to keep their lives and land safe, as Shell are starting to work on building an onshore processing plant carrying raw unprocessed gas within yards of their houses and schools. Ireland will not benefit financially from this gas as it was given away many years ago in a corrupt deal. More information about the whole issue is here.

If you are interested, we'd very much like you to view a short video made by The Tara Foundation called Shell in Mayo: A New Nigeria?. Please forward it to anyone you can.

The campaigners' website.

The present situation is that the Irish state and police are acting - as the Nigerian government did - on behalf of Shell, using escalating violent tactics, and the media are shamelessly abandoning any attempt at neutrality, openly calling the local people terrorists. See more at Indymedia Ireland

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